erica.jpg-largeThe Red Headed Hustler

Name: Erica "Venetia" Figueroa
Age: 23
City: Atlanta, Georgia

TV Appearances: Bad Girls Club 8, Love Games 4, Bad Girls Club: Mexico
Personality: Two-Faced, Complainer and a Leader

Most Remembered For:
- Leading the girls against Jenna
- First Girl to give Elease a chance
- Hitting Jenna with her shoe repeatedly
- Her Song "Turn it up (yeah)"

Most Memorable Quotes:
- "I didn't want that shit to burn."
- "My cheap ass shoe hit you! My cheap ass shoe hit you!"
- "You threw my shoes in the pool, bitch I got Red Bottoms!"
- "ATL in the building! We 'boutta go ham on these Boston ass bitches! Think about it if you get your ass beat and your shit destroyed you not gonna wanna stay."
- "I'm 'bout that life!"