external image ?size=lThe Queen Bee

Name: Gabrielle Victor
Age: 23
City: Meuthen, Massachusetts

TV Appearances: Bad Girls Club 8, Love Games 4 (Guest Appearance), Bad Girls All-Star Battle
Personality: Emotional, Tough and Defensive

Most Remembered For:
- Being the twin of Danielle
- Throwing Elease into an ashtray
- Jumping Elease twice with Dani

Memorable Quotes:

- "All these bitches hate me and I don't give a FUCK!"
- "Instead of getting ONE pretty bad girl, you're gonna get TWO pretty bad girls 'cause I'm a TWIN!"
- "I think you guys are being shady as fuck!"
- "Don't you ever touch my sister, bitch!"
- "Welcome to hell bitch. It's gonna be good times."