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The Uber Bitch

Name: Morgan Brittany Osman
Age: 22
City: Miami, Florida

TV Appearances: Bad Girls Club 5, Big Ang: Season 2
Personality: Conceited, Bitchy, Bold

Most Remembered For:
- Getting Dragged Down the Stairs
- Attacking Production
- Coming back to the BGC House & destroying it with Kristen

Memorable Quotes:
- "How do you spell Karma?"
- "B.I.T.C.H. I'm a fat bitch!"
- "It's like a hate crime, a modern day hate crime."
- "You're stepping on my Louis bag, it's more than your paycheck get the fuck off of it!"
- "You're fat disgusting, cheerleader. Nobody cares."
- "If you think I'm not going out swinging, ya'll got me fucked up!"