Bad Girls Club: Acronyms A: B: BGC - "Bad Girls Club" BGASB - "Bad Girl All-Star Battle" C: CEB - "Chief Executive Bitch" D: E: F: G: H: I: J: K: L: LG - "Love Games" M: N: O: O.S.R.S - "On some real shit" O.C. - "Out
Girl fights and forces her way to the top with style and beauty. A Bad Girl believes in jumping first ... Girl is you! Here are all the members of the Bad Girls Club with links to their profiles. Season ... A Bad Girl knows what she wants and how to get it. She makes her own way, makes her own rules
Bad Girls Club 4 is the season known for starting the whole bad bitch mentality and the non-stop fighting. Fights in this Season: Natalie VS Portia This fight is known for being the best fight on BGC ... Fights: amber vs girl The cast vs randoms
Bad Girls Club is famous for their brutal but entertaining Girl Fights and Season 7 is only one of the seasons that had shocking and somewhat graphic brawls. Fights included were: Shelly vs. Judi They had many fights but no one went home. Limo Fight The tension finally broke between Angie and her ex
Stasi's quote from the fight. Angie and Team Real shortly fighting. Limo Fight The limo fight was a quick altercation involving Team Real, Angie, and Shelly. Round 1: The fight took a ... . After that everything got worst, as Angie immediately jumped across the limo and started fighting
Bad Girls Club is famous for their brutal but entertaining Girl Fights and Season 8 is only one of the seasons that had some shocking brawls. Fights included were: Gia vs Amy This fight started ... 's bed and Camilla got bad and tried to fight them. This really wasn't a fight and there really wasn't a
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The Hot Mess Name: Amy Cieslowski Age: 23 City: Chicago, Illinois TV Appearances: Bad Girls Club 8: Las Vegas, Love Games 4, Bad Girl All-Star Battle 2 Personality: Psycho, Weird, Fun Most ... Club, It's the Bad Girls Club, YOU SLUT!" - "These girls' are the biggest vagina holes I've ever met
"The Straight Shooter" Name: Whitney Collings Age: 21 City: Boston, Massachusetts Media Appearances: Bad Girls Club 3 Personality: Most Memorable For: - Her pots and pans fight with Kayla Memorable Quotes: - "Boston in the house!" Links:
Name: Jodie Howell Age: 29 City: Baltimore, Maryland TV Appearances: Bad Girls Club 1 Personality: Independent Most Remembered For: - Being Christian - The scar Ripsi gave her during their fight - Leaving the house a few days prior to the last day Memorable Quotes:
The Twerkin' Texan Name: Hailey Wade Age: 21 City: Houston, TX Media Appearances: Bad Girls Club 11: Miami Personality: Most Memorable For: - Sixth Replacement of her season - Getting jumped by the house - Twerkin after her fight Memorable Quotes: Links: